We are bringing a new  way of providing a design service to Micro Businesses.  Below is a help guide.  If you still have problems email us @ Help@Constantinemedia.co.uk.

Account Questions

Email us at the email address Help@constantinemedia.co.uk.

Payment Information

If your payments decline we will contact you directly to arrange payment.

Image Source and Licence

All of our images have either been purchased with us able to edit and resell or it has created by us.

Is it all about branded content?

We offer a range of services, and we are more than happy to develop a special package just for you.

Do you offer bespoke content?

We offer videography and content creation services.  Obviously this is very much dependent on the geographical location of the client.

What industries do you work in?

We work within a range of industries from industrial to hospitality.

Can I save money on my package?

You can pay for your package as an annual payment.  This can save you money rather than paying monthly.

Telephone Helpline



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